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5 Ways our community benefits through thriving small businesses

5 Ways our community benefits through thriving small businesses

  1. Community identity

If you stroll through our town you notice we have our own unique charm and character. Cowrie street is a wonderful delight for the senses, from gilling burgers to baking pastries, to tangy vinegars and sweet flowers. The eyes behold the well kept flower containers and seasonal decorations hanging from the light posts. Bright window displays unique and everyday items. Each and everyone of these businesses contributes in welcoming tourists along with new and long time residents. Each small community along the Sunshine Coast boasts it’s own unique qualities, from the smell of the sea in Maderia Park with it’s close knit centre around it’s walkable core and eccentric and colourful Roberts Creek. 

2. Community Involvement

Small business owners are an integral part of the communities where they live and work. Many sponsor local teams, donate to art festivals, food banks and school events. Business owners tend to be cognizant of how decisions impact neighbours and participate in local forums and councils. 

3. Local Jobs

  Small businesses are job creators, and the most direct impact is locally. Shopping local contributes to fellow community members who work at them, allowing he cycle to continue with those employed to shop at other local stores nearby. Grabbing lunch at one our many delicious restaurants, run errands at lunch and visit local pubs at the end of the day. 

4. Diversity, Artistry and Locally made

Our community is a perfect example of one of kind and locally made products. The large variety entices us to look in our own back yard to find sustainable and eco friendly options at the Farmers Market, local craftsman and even enhance our entertaining with micro breweries and craft distilleries. This variety also draws in tourists and new residents. 

The move to local and artisan made keeps tax dollars local, encourages entrepreneurship and allows job descriptions that are flexible. 

5. The Circle Continues

Thriving local businesses create the need for other local businesses to provide support in a variety of ways. From our own wonderful store here at 101 Office Supply, Your one stop shop supplying the Sunshine Coast, to lawyers and accountants. A base of thriving employees ripples out to the need for salons, doctors, car dealerships and so many more. Thriving equals more thriving and we all benefit. 

When you shop local you ensure we will be here when you need us most!