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Customer Comments

a word from our customers


101 Office Supply is a huge asset to our community. As with any business, the people and service are of primary importance. The service at 101 is impeccable, the staff are respectful, patient, helpful when needed and have a great sense of humour. If something isn’t in stock it’s ordered immediately and, with rare exception, takes just a couple of days to arrive.

If I don’t know quite what I want when I go in, I get assistance in determining what that is, and when I leave the store I’m satisfied I’ve had the help I needed – and invariably with some laughter. There is nothing to compare on the Sunshine Coast and I’m deeply grateful for their existence and the uplift of my spirits whenever I enter the store.
— Sarnia Guiton

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— Pablo

One-O-One consistently meets my every need for office supplies, have exceptionally helpful staff, and if they don’t stock a rare item, can get it in 2 days. One-0-One rocks!
— Cris Rowan, CEO Zone'in Programs

Only office supply shop, that has everything I need! ... even bad jokes and treats, never mind the bad jokes part. Best office supply store ever!
— Bev, Talewind Books

One-O-One Office Supply have been supplying my accounting office with all stationery needs and office equipment for over 15 years. I have been extremely satisfied with the service provided for the following reasons: Great quality products, competitive prices, efficient deliveries, friendly and always helpful staff and a local business.

It has been a true pleasure dealing with One-O-One and I look forward to this business relationship continuing in the future.
— Bruce M. Richmond, CPA, CGA